MD - Baltimore PPTR Certification Workshop

The Certification Course develops essential coaching fundamentals through a combination of:
  • PPTR Study Guide
  • Online workshop (3 hours)
  • Certification workshop (3 hours face-to-face)   
Topics covered in the workshop and study materials will include: 
  • Session structure and organization
  • Group management
  • Observation skills
  • Effective explanations of the game, rules, scoring, etc.
  • Generating Feedback
  • Progression from beginner to intermediate
  • Demonstration of proper technique
  • Demonstration & development of tactics
  • Introduction to technical stroke development
  • Drills & Games to improve skills and tactics
PPTR Members | $147
non-PPTR Member | $324 | includes PPTR membership thru August 31, 2021 and PPTR Workshop fee)

Patricio Misitrano

Saturday, October 17, 2020 • 1PM-6PM (includes certification testing)
Baltimore Country Club Baltimore, MD USA
Registration not available.

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